Functional And Decorative Handmade Pottery

Handmade Pottery...

There is something magical about handmade pots. They not only decorate our homes but also add a charming warmth to our lives daily rituals. We all cherish drinking from our favorite mug and eating from our favorite bowl. And what makes them so dear? It is the labor of love put in by the artist creating it that somehow touches us and makes us feel connected to these pots.

...A Spiritual Journey

As a child I was introduced to Sahaja Yoga Meditation and over the years, have enjoyed the blissful peace within myself, as a result of the practice. Working in clay feels like a natural extension of this spiritual connection

To me, every pot is like a canvas waiting to be decorated so that it can add an element of beauty and joy to someone's daily life. I hope that my carvings act as a labyrinth to trace away the stresses of the day and infuse the user with a feeling of meditative silence.