Achieving Reduction Like Look with Cone 6 Oxidation!

Tea bowls, wheel thrown, faceted, sprayed with multiple glazes, cone 6 Oxidation.

A few years ago I was showing my work at my favorite art show, the Texas Clay Festival. As people walked into my booth and handled my pots, the single most common question asked was, “How are you firing your work? This is cone 10 reduction, right?” Triumphantly I informed them, “This is actually cone 6 electric!” And suddenly I had all their attention.  I realized that many of them were hobby potters who, like me, were infatuated with the look of atmospheric firing but only had access to an electric kiln.

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A Mother, a Daughter, and a Chocolate Cake…

Well, I am definitely my mother’s daughter. For one, being vertically challenged, we  hover around 5′. We both started graying in our twenties and we absolutely panic when confronted with a mathematical problem. Fortunately it doesn’t stop at that; there’s a bright side too. We love working with our hands, sharing an almost compulsive need to create. We love to laugh, joke and play, but most of all, we are ALWAYS ready for a good dessert.

My mother’s daughter…
Those who know me, are aware of my passion for desserts, the seeds of which were sown very early on in my childhood, by my mom’s love for baking and her unending experimentation in the kitchen.
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My Ode to Water

Most of us have a favorite comfort drink. My husband loves to start his day with a cup of chai, my mom craves her coffee at breakfast, my kids love to end their day with ginger- honey-lemon tea. But for me, the uncontested winner in the world of consumable fluids is: WATER!!!

Never having developed a taste for hot beverages, sodas or juice, I have always opted for water as a beverage of choice. But in the past, it was merely a thirst quencher.… continue reading

For the Sheer Joy of Carving…


Carved lantern, 2003

How did it begin? What inspired me to start carving my pots?  Well, when I think back, it tickles me to recall that the earliest motivation to carve pots, resulted from a need to be able to identify my beginning wheel thrown work, from shelves full of bisque ware (work done by other beginners such as myself).  All our pots looked startlingly similar. They were small, heavy and ugly!! The only way to identify one’s pot was to turn it over and look for the initials.… continue reading

A Friendship Sweeter Than Cupcakes!

I met her five years ago. We had just finished  an introductory meditation session and like always we were chatting over home baked goodies, when I noticed her. She was sitting at the back, the glow of a good meditation apparent on her face. After introducing myself, I asked her, since it was her first time, if she had any questions? She held up the half eaten piece of the Chocolate Crunch Bar and with a twinkle in her eye, said, ” Could you give me the recipe for this bar…it is awesome.” Though I didn’t know it then, our mutual interest in meditation and our shared passion for ‘everything chocolate’ were to be the key ingredients in a delicious friendship; a friendship sweeter than cupcakes…

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Ice Cream Sundays

When I was growing up in India, all through high school, we used to have something called the dreaded “Monday Test”. As the name suggests, we had a test every Monday… an intentional weekend spoiler, a conspiracy hatched by our school to trouble us kids. On Sunday evenings, just as it would start to get dark, I would have this queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach…early onset of Monday morning blues.

Time has flown and now I have school going kids, with the older one in middle school.… continue reading